Air was as it should be.

Light, whimsical and dreamy.

As guests arrived, bubbles floated through the air while

the sound of flutes and wind chimes rang all around. 

Lavender infused Lemonade was poured as Allie laid out a delightful 

spread of roasted cauliflower trailed through whipped goat cheese, toasted breadcrumbs and the dust of herbs de Provence.

As everyone mingled, Perry and I took to the roof where

we set up a game to get everyone seated.

After explaining the rules, we tossed numbered balloons down the 

two stories, inviting people to catch them. 

As I stared up at the sunset sky and down to an evening

I created, I felt entranced by everything around me.

The dinner menu as always was tastefully crafted

to theme and this time embodied different layers of our atmosphere. 

While at the table everyone went around graciously sharing their dreams for the future and what it means to strive for the things you want in life. 

As dessert was served, Champagne bubbly was poured 

and we said a toast to Allie for her culinary mastery and to our

guests for making my biggest Dream come true. 

I can not emphasize enough what it means for each of you

to have been a part of this journey with me.  

Whether you dined with us or simply took time out of your

day to read these emails.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me

and my Element Series. I am invigorated by the positivity

enthusiasm and encouragement I have received. 

Don’t ever stop reaching for what you want in life

and most of all…keep Dreaming. 

Serena Maris