Oh what a night of pure delight.
Fire was as it should be…warm, enticing, playful and cleansing.
We started the night with cocktails and a playful competitive game
that had everyone revved up for the evening ahead.
Margaritas were flowing and everyone was excited to see
what culinary splendor Arts + Craft Foods had planned. 

As we dined we discussed who we are and what in life ignites are being. 
We cheers’d flaming Mezcal shots, courtesy of Perry’s mixology skills, 
and lit Palo Santo in a uniting moment of pure togetherness. 

As the evening winded down we invited our guests
to take a moment for themselves 
to release anything they’ve been holding onto in life 
by writing it down and burning it in the fire pit. 

It was a truly captivating evening
that left me feeling such gratitude for my guests
and their openness to connect with on another.
The Human Spirit is a marvelous thing.
We need to allow ourselves more intimate moments 
such as these to share, listen and learn from one another. 

Serena Maris