Our PArtners

Here are the beautiful businesses we’ve been blessed to work with!



Nestled in hip Williamsburg, Midnights is a delightful gem of a restaurant. From their alluring decor to their
clever cocktails your pallet will not be bored
as you wine and dine the night away.
Trained with the best of the best, Chef Josh
offers an unmatchable cuisine. Don’t take my word for it, check em out for brunch or dinner.

Cafe Esencia

Café Esencia is a mediterranean churro café inspired by the rich food culture of La Convivencia. We serve traditional sourdough churros, fairtrade coffee, as well as mediterranean breakfast and lunch. We support our local food system by sourcing fresh produce and herbs from local organic and sustainable farms.


Arts + Craft Foods is a home for writing and reading about good food, interesting people, and exciting projects. Started as a casual pop-up dinner service by artist, cook and writer Allie Pisarro-Grant, Arts + Craft Foods was founded with the mission to explore culinary traditions and techniques through a lens of playful whimsy. 


Eliot Oppenheimer is a freelance photographer from Los Angeles, currently based in New York City. His artistic focus is to create stunning imagery that highlights the intrinsic qualities of each subject.

Brandon Cobian

Brandon Cobian is a Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer. He’s created content from look books and product shots, to short form videos. At the end of the day He just wants to create, explore the world more and grow. Turning ideas into reality, moments into memories, followers into ambassadors is something he lives for. 

Apto Media Co

Anneliese Gartner is a self-taught videographer and marketing obsessed individual who wants to help other businesses thrive in their industry. Whether that means creating an introduction video or an on going video strategy to build your brands audience. I will help turn your business video ideas into a reality.

terra & twine

Melissa Taylor is a New York based artist, plant and textiles enthusiast. Stemming from the materials themself, Terra & Twine means of the earth and of the cloth.


Clean, innovative & beautiful. All ingredients are chosen for a specific therapeutic reason and are completely organic. All of our blends are original, one of a kind- made just for you. All of the crystals used are reiki charged. We bring you the best from ingredients to vibe.

two ☽☾ Jewelry

Beginning in LA as a collection of Rosary inspired necklaces, bracelets & headpieces Two Moons evolved into the creation of intricate necklaces & other unique accessories. Each piece is individually made with love from a collection of charms and pendants sourced from countries all around the world.