About Siren

Hi there! My name is Serena Chablis Maris
and I am the founder of Siren & Wine.
As a California Native with a New York beat in her feet I knew at a young age
I was drawn to fast paced things with a high turn over rate. After leaving a   
9-5 job to start a career in Event Design, I knew New York was the perfect place
to begin my journey. New York City is constantly moving
and you have to swim upstream just to stay afloat. 
I knew this would be the ultimate challenge but as they say…
if you can make it here…you can make it anywhere.




I fell in love with events for a plethora of reasons. 
I love creating an experience that delights and inspires people. 
Transforming an empty space into something enticing is beyond gratifying. 
Making things come to fruition and seeing it executed before my eyes
feels as though I’m making magic. 

Most of all I enjoy seeing people connect to one another. 
Watching two strangers laughing, smiling and bonding over something unexpected
is what  I believe our World needs more of!  


So look around & give me a shout out if you would
like to be invited to our next event!